Our company was originally established in 1979 in the optic sector, which continues its production and services under the name “Prestij Optical” since 1989 with the principal of providing quality and economical solutions for its customers. Our company which is the general distributor of world’s leading brands decided to represent now just her own brands. In 2011, Prestij Optical decided to produce Swing which is the unique and first TR90 Memory Flexible and unbreakable frame in Turkey. Swing optical frames are produced using TR-90 Natural technology. Swing eyeglasses are ergonomic, organic, unbreakable, light and economic and also do not contain any additive. Swing, not containing any carcinogen with her healthy and environmentally structure had very big success. Producing with raw materials bringing from Europe, Swing made by BPA free materials.gives distribution overseas.

We have 5 licensed brands INFINITI, MISS CLAIRE, ANNABELLA, SWING and INFINITI DESIGN. With 500 models and thousands of color options and being %100 made in Turkey our glasses we are proud to say that we make sales to 5000 retailers in Turkey and export to 87 country. Our company has been manufacturing OEM for world famous brands too.. Our company being in hot pursuit of the innovations in the manufacturing sector in compliance with CE and TSE ISO 12870 standards with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

From production to sales, distribution to technical support in each step we are working with a professional and solution-focused team. We want to mention that our success is not a coincidence, a result of our hard works and our knowledge. Our attractive designs in sunglasses and glasses determine fashion trends. With Many sponsorship and works with famous names we are increasing each passing day our popularity. We are participating in every international fair and announcing our name. By creating a bridge between Turkish optical industry the world of optical industry we represent our country with pride.
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